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Datamonitor's Product Launch Analytics (formerly Productscan) is the most comprehensive and detailed source of information for newly launched consumer packaged goods from around the world.

Use a NEW set of analytical tools to better understand product launch trends and unlock new product development opportunities.

  • Product, brand & marketing
  • Advertising
  • Libraries

Use Product Launch Analytics to...

  • Tracking your competitors latest innovations (and trends)
  • Determine product innovation patterns by studying the characteristics of innovation activity in your markets
  • Analyze trends in product development over time to
  • Identify hot spots – the countries, companies and categories that have been most innovative
  • Perform gap analysis to uncover what's missing from the marketplace

Use Product Launch Analytics to...

  • Grow your clients' brands and businesses with outstanding communication strategies achieved by following the latest innovations and trends in their markets
  • Get actively engaged, show you understand your clients' business environment and help them understand what the trends in their markets are
  • Maximize your performance by helping clients launch commercially successful new products
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the latest trends across global product launches and differentiate your clients' product accordingly

Use Product Launch Analytics to...

  • Gain an comprehensive understanding of consumer packaged goods new product launches around the world
  • Prepare and support course work with confidence
  • Assist in the preparation of lectures, white papers and seminars
  • Access detailed information valued and used by companies globally in order to support their strategic decision-making processes
  • Save time on researching key topics of interest with easy to use functionality

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